Want to build a
world-class lab?

SIMFA is the answer.

Canadian & German lab furniture +
Skilled & trained sales & project team =
Lab which you can flaunt!

Our Partners



Our work does the talking!

2 Brands, 1 Company

We represent Mott - Canada and Laborbau - Germany. Mott offers SEFA certified metal laboratory furniture and fume hoods that meets ASHRAE protocols Laborbau offers German quality wood laboratory furniture and fume hoods meeting European Norms. SIMFA team will help you select what suits you the best.

2 Locations

With its Hyderabad head office and Mumbai & Bangalore branches, SIMFA team is ready to respond to your inquiries in any corner of India real fast. Our sales and service engineers are qualified & well trained to take care of your requirements.

12 Years of Growth

Established in 2005, Simfa has built a strong engineering acumen. Be it lab design, 3D views, furniture supply, installation and after sales support- SIMFA has its own force to handle each and every task.

40 Large Projects

We have executed many large projects - US Pharmacopeia, Dupont, GVK Bioscience, Laurus Labs, TEVA, Vimta Labs, Lambda Therapeutics to name a few. And all these labs are truly world class!

Our Products

SEFA tested steel lab furniture, heavy duty wood lab furniture or very advanced school lab furniture, we have it all!


Mott Steel furniture

Mott Manufacturing Ltd., Canada was established 100 years back. Today, it operates from various factories in US and Canada to supply lab furniture all over the world. Mott is a member of the SEFA, US Green Building Council and it is certified to ISO 9001:2008. Mott’s line of steel and wood laboratory furniture meets the performance requirements of SEFA 8. Fume hoods meet ASHRAE and UL 1805 standards. Mott has around 20 installations in India till date.


Laborbau Wood furniture

Laborbau Systeme Hemling was established in 1940 in Germany. It produces beautiful, durable, first rate laboratory furniture that are highly sought after. As manufacturers, Laborbau can totally customize each detail and guarantee the highest possible quality of lab furniture products. Many customers return again and again to take advantage of their experience, expertise and highest level of customer service. Laborbau has about 3 large installations in India.

We are trusted by our clients!

Our goal is to provide services that keeps our clients happy

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